3 Ways a Wi-Fi Thermostat Can Keep You More Comfortable This Winter

A wi-fi thermostat can help save money and energy while controlling the temperature of your home

Staying warm through a Winona winter is no simple task. Homeowners will have their furnaces on all season long, which keeps them warm but can affect energy costs. The benefit of a Wi-Fi thermostat? This technology provides a simple solution to both problems.

What Does a Wi-Fi Thermostat Do?

A Wi-Fi thermostat can be life changing. It gives you automatic wireless control of your home temperature, letting you manage your entire home via the Internet. In short, it makes your life easier (and warmer) by:

  • Monitoring indoor temperatures more efficiently. You can adjust your home’s temperature settings daily with the convenience of control from any device. Set your ideal temp for any situation—whether you want your bedroom warmer while you sleep or your living room cooler while you’re away at work.
  • Cutting down on energy costs. Setting a temperature schedule with a Wi-Fi thermostat helps your furnace or boiler run much more efficiently, helping to trim your energy costs by as much as 15 percent. Additionally, this home automation system enables you to control temperatures on a room-by-room basis, so you don’t have to waste money heating rooms you don’t use often.
  • Providing maintenance reminders. Get peace of mind knowing that everything is working correctly with your heating systems with a Wi-Fi thermostat. The system will email you to let you know if something is “off,” such as a wild temperature swing, an air filter that needs replacing, or an impending system breakdown. You’ll be notified the moment something happens so you can call in an expert team for repairs right away.

Ready for Temperature Automation? Call River City Heating

Installing a Wi-Fi thermostat is a smart, money-saving enhancement for any homeowner. That’s why the professionals at River City Heating & Air Conditioning are happy to install them for you. Our expertise extends far beyond installing, repairing, and maintaining Bryant® Heating and Cooling units—we work on most home comfort systems so you and your family can stay safe and warm this winter. Give us a call today at 507-454-7689 or get in touch with us online.