5 Reasons Homeowners Like You Love Ductless Systems

Woman sitting on the sofa and using a remote to adjust the ductless HVAC system

Ductless systems are growing in popularity among homeowners throughout the Twin Cities area. They’re one of our most recommended solutions for homeowners who are experiencing uneven heating and cooling or need an extra boost of comfort in a certain room. Not quite sure if you could benefit from one in your home? Here are five reasons why homeowners just like you are glad they upgraded to these smart systems.

Tailored Heating and Cooling

Traditional furnaces and air conditioners can fall short when maintaining a consistent temperature. Why? Because the air you’ve heated and cooled changes temperature as it circulates through your ductwork. That means you likely bump the temperature up or down more often to stay comfortable. Ductless systems deliver the exact temperature you need in the area you want, without wasting energy by heating or cooling your entire home. And because these single-unit systems are energy-efficient and cost-effective, adding one to your home is an easy decision.

Invest Once and Keep Saving

One of the top reasons homeowners switch to Bryant® ductless systems is because of the impressive energy savings. Ductless systems run on less power than standard heating and cooling systems. If you rely solely on an inefficient furnace or AC, you’ll notice significant savings when you start using a ductless system as an alternative source of comfort. And because the temperature-controlled air is delivered where you want it, you can use your ductless system to spot heat or cool an area and give your main system—and pocketbook—a break.

Indoor Air Quality You Can Feel Good About

Most homeowners don’t know that indoor air quality is significantly more polluted than outdoor air. While standard air filters alone won’t keep your air clean, ductless systems have multi-layer filtration systems that remove airborne pollutants—like dust, pollen, and mold—that many other filters don’t. Not to mention, the conditioned air doesn’t pass through dirty ductwork before circulating throughout your home. Instead, it’s pre-filtered and released right where you want it.

Simple, Quick, and Professional Installation

Another reason homeowners pick ductless systems is because they are so easy to install. They don’t require ductwork, so they can be up and running within a day. And they only require a small three-inch hole for connecting lines, so you don’t have to worry about any wall restructuring or losing square footage. The indoor unit can be placed on the floor, ceiling, or wall and out of the way in a discrete location to keep your home décor as the focal point of the room.

Going Green Is Easy

Ductless systems are much smaller than traditional systems and use advanced technology to improve energy efficiency. That means they’re a more environmentally friendly option for home comfort. A single ductless system will reduce your energy usage and your carbon footprint to help you go green where it counts.

Let’s Discuss Why a Ductless System Is Right for You

Still not sure if a ductless system is right for you? Talk to our experts—they’ll listen to your comfort concerns and recommend a solution that addresses them. Whether that solution includes ductless systems or not, know that we’re here to help you. Just contact us or call 507-454-7689 with any questions you have.