Boilers 101: Understanding the Basics of Hydronic Heat Systems

Hydronic Heat Systems

If you use a furnace to heat your home, chances are you don’t know much about boilers. But if you’re building a new home and have the chance to pick between a furnace or boiler, there are a number of reasons why you should consider the latter of the two. Keep reading to learn the basics of boilers, including the many benefits of hydronic heating systems. The technicians at River City Heating & Air Conditioning cover it all in the hope of making your decision an easier one.

Five Things to Know About Boilers Before You Invest

  1. Hydronic heat—boilers warm your home using hot water—not air like a furnace uses—hence the term hydronic. Boilers heat but don’t actually boil water, and then disperse it as either hot liquid or steam through pipes to radiators, coils, or radiant floor systems. A major benefit of a hydronic heating system versus a forced-air system is that it’s much less drying, especially during winter months.
  2. Multiple energy sources—boilers can run on a variety of energy sources, including natural gas, oil, electricity, and wood. That means you can choose how your system is powered. If you have a preference in mind, tell your technician so he or she can make recommendations accordingly.
  3. More consistent heat—because boilers provide radiant heat to warm things instead of the air, your home will feel consistently warm throughout and maintain the temperature for longer. That being said, boilers do take longer to raise the temperature than furnaces, but it’s worth the wait once they reach your desired temp.
  4. Better air quality—furnaces push air through ductwork to heat your home. As it travels, it picks up dust, dander, bacteria, and other contaminants that continuously cycle through the air you breathe—and that can cause health problems. With a boiler, you won’t experience this problem because there is no moving air involved.
  5. Improved efficiency—it’s proven that water holds heat energy much better than air. So when your boiler runs, not only is it more effective, but it also keeps you warmer for longer. There’s also no heat loss due to leaky ductwork, which accounts for 30 percent of wasted energy with forced-air furnaces. Boilers ensure you feel comfortable and save money—a perfect comfort combination.

River City Heating Knows Boilers Inside and Out

If you want to know more about boilers—or have one installed in your home—just ask us. Not all heating and cooling companies work with these complex systems, but our team takes the guesswork out of them. We can recommend and install a new Bryant® system, provide routine maintenance, or repair any problems you might have. Just call 507-454-7689 or schedule an appointment today.