These 5 Signs Will Tell You It’s Time for a Furnace Replacement

Five signs it's time for a furnace replacement

In the wintertime, your furnace is the heart of your home, pumping out heat nonstop. Knowing that it’s constantly running to keep you and your family warm is important, especially as the weather gets colder. But how do you tell the difference between a perfectly healthy heating system and one that’s on its last legs? The experts at River City Heating & Air Conditioning share five telltale signs that it’s time for a furnace replacement.

Your Furnace Is More Than 15 Years Old

The older a furnace is, the less efficiently and effectively it operates. The average retirement age for a furnace is between 15 and 20 years. If your unit falls into this range, it’s a good idea to consider a new furnace installation, even if yours still seems to be in good working order. This way, you don’t have to wonder when it might break down on you.

High Energy Bills

Are your heating bills getting higher every month despite you using the same amount of energy? While rising costs of gas or electricity could be to blame, it’s more likely that it’s because of your furnace. As a system ages, it has to work harder to heat your home, thus using more energy than it used to. Installing a newer, more energy-efficient model will fix that problem, meaning lower energy bills for the foreseeable future (especially when you keep up with routine maintenance every year).

Furnace Makes Strange Noises

Every home has its own chorus of noises, but popping, banging, rattling, buzzing, and squealing sounds from your furnace are not normal. If your furnace is making strange noises, it’s likely a mechanical issue that requires a professional repair. In some cases, these noises can mean that it’s time for a furnace replacement.

Unevenly Heated Rooms

Do some rooms in your home feel unusually colder than others? Are you constantly adjusting your thermostat to feel more comfortable? These signs could indicate that your furnace is not circulating heat evenly through your home. Uneven heat likely means your furnace is old or faulty, and in need of repair or replacement.

Frequent Furnace Repairs

If your heating system required frequent repairs over the past two years, it’s reaching the end of its lifespan and needs replacing. Otherwise, you could end up spending more on repairs than you would on a new system.

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