It’s Time to Fall for Furnace Maintenance

Family celebrating the arrival of fall outside their home

If you’ve skipped furnace maintenance the last few seasons, it’s time to turn over a new leaf and schedule an appointment. This fall, have our pros inspect and clean your heating system for reliable warmth all winter long. The River City Heating & Air Conditioning experts are sharing the top four reasons we encourage our customers to invest in this once-a-year service.

Keep Your Family Safe and Comfortable

There’s nothing more important than keeping your family safe. But without maintenance, your boiler or furnace can pose a danger as gunk builds up and vital parts wear down. This can lead to a carbon monoxide leak, burst pipe, or heating failure in severe cases, which is why maintenance is a must. Our experienced technicians will check and clean your entire unit to ensure it’s in safe working condition.

Friendly reminders: replace the batteries in your carbon monoxide alarm at least twice a year to guarantee it’s always working. And if you suspect something is wrong with your furnace or boiler at any point during the heating season, call us right away. We offer 24-hour emergency service and are always available when you need us.

See a Boost in Efficiency and Save Money

Furnace maintenance is a simple way to lower your heating bills. It keeps your system clear of dirt and dust buildup that blocks airflow and makes it work harder to keep up. A single cleaning could save you as much as 10 percent in energy costs each month. As an added bonus, you’ll likely feel more comfortable since your furnace or boiler will run more effectively. It’s a win-win.

Say Yes to Reliability and No to Repairs

When our experts service your heating system, we guarantee enhanced reliability. Your annual maintenance appointment gives us a chance to find problems before they get worse and cause a breakdown. That means fewer repairs and better heating dependability. And who doesn’t want that during our long, cold Minnesota winters?

Make Your System Last Longer

When you take care of your system, it will take better care of you. Maintenance is shown to extend system life because it keeps your unit running at peak performance. Why waste money on early replacement when this once-a-year service can keep your current unit working for its full expected 15+ years or more?

Beat the Rush and Schedule an Appointment Now

But that’s not all—routine furnace cleanings also improve your indoor air quality by keeping your system clear of contaminant buildup, and maintain a valid manufacturer’s warranty if your system is newer. Call 507-454-7689 or schedule an appointment online to discover why your neighbors in the Winona area trust Bryant® Factory Authorized dealer—River City Heating—for their annual tuneups.