What to Do If You Lose Heat in Winter

dog hiding under a blanket for warmth

If you lose heat this winter, you have to be smart about how you keep your family warm and safe. First, check if your furnace is truly broken or if you’ve blown a fuse or lost power. A blown fuse can be easily fixed by resetting a tripped breaker, while a power outage needs to be addressed with your utility company. If your furnace has actually failed, call for emergency service right away. Here at River City Heating & Air Conditioning, we offer 24-hour emergency repair service because we know there’s never a good time for a breakdown. Call 507-454-7689 for service and use the tips below to keep warm until we arrive.

Pick a Room and Stick Together

When your furnace breaks down, one of the best things you can do is bring your family together in one room—especially one with a fireplace. The more body heat, the better to keep warm. Plus, a fireplace will supply the extra heat you need to stay safe until your system is up and running.

If the room you’re in has doors, keep them closed to hold as much warmth as possible. Pull out extra pillows and blankets and cozy up for a TV show or movie marathon—it’s a great way to stay warm and pass time until a technician arrives.

Bundle up and Break Out Other Heating Options

Layering up in extra clothing is a must when temperatures drop. Put on extra pairs of socks, thick sweatpants and sweaters, and hats and gloves, even though you’re inside. Your head, hands, and feet are the first things to get cold, so it’s most important to keep them well covered.

If you have power, make use of heating pads and space heaters. They can work wonders when it comes to staying warm. Just be sure to leave an area of clearing around your space heaters to avoid creating a fire hazard.

Eliminate Drafts as Best as You Can

Keeping drafts out will make a huge difference in how warm your family feels. Even small leaks of cold air can lower room temperatures a few degrees each hour. Make sure all windows and doors are closed tight and locked. The added security makes an even tighter seal to keep the chill out.

If you still feel drafts creeping through, lay towels and blankets on window sills or at door jams to block some of the airflow. You can also hang plastic window coverings if you happen to have them handy.

Don’t Wait—Call for Furnace Repair Service Right Away

A furnace breakdown is an emergency, no matter when it happens. Protect your family against the cold and other potential hazards by calling for repair service right away. Not all systems can be fixed, so we may make a recommendation in case a new Bryant® system is the best option. We’ll provide our honest suggestion and let you know how to keep your family safe until the problem is resolved. We’re known as the go-to guys for HVAC installation, repair, and maintenance service in the Winona area because we always put your safety and comfort first—call 507-454-7689.